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Earlier in the summer my fun loving cousin Patsy (aka Rah…it’s a long story!) came over from Zurich to stay for a few days with her Swiss boyfriend Urs. It is always an occasion when she visits and we know we are in for some laughs along the way which this time included how to pronounce her boyfriends name, who we were meeting for the first time.

Now laughing hysterically when pronouncing someone’s name isn’t strictly pc or even that funny but we did struggle with Urs. We had horse, hearse, even arse but after much debate he conceded that ‘oars’ was the closest we were ever going to get to saying his name correctly! Thankfully he took it all in his stride and I am pleased to say we became great friends on their trip.

Anyway back to the story. Before arriving with us in Pollença they had been exploring the island which included visiting the utterly charming fishing village of Porto Colom, famed for being the birth place of non other than Mr Columbus. As exciting as that is they went there because Patsy had just found out an old Suffolk school friend, Nico and his wife Paty had just opened a restaurant called Nomi. They absolutely raved about it including the fabulous margaritas!.

So on our way back from our few days of sunbeddism in Canyamel we took a slight detour to have lunch at Nomi in its beautiful spot right on the waters edge. With the most idyllic view of bobbing fishing boats, poised for another day bringing back the meds finest fish, we had some fantastic food. 

On the stoves is Nico and along with Paty they are serving up an array of delicious dishes. The menu is a lovely combination of the med with dishes inspired by Patys home country of Mexico. We kicked off with a beautifully balanced ceviche followed by tacos. I love a good taco and trust me, these are better than good. Beautifully cooked fish in the lightest, crispy batter with a delicious chipotle sauce all sitting in an envelope of soft tortilla. It arrived on my taste buds with a bang. Outstanding.

Nico andf Paty are a wonderful couple who are determined to offer something different in Porto Colom. They are fabulous hosts and we really enjoyed meeting them… it should come as no surprise that any friend of cousin Rah is going to be good fun too! We didn't get a chance to try the Margahritas but thats just another perfect excuse to go back very soon.

Website: Visit 

Calle Pescadores 19, 07670 Porto Colom

Directions: Map

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