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A problem at Pollença Bay ?

If you are a regular to my little tales from this wonderful island then you know that I’m a big fan of its beauty, people and the many wonderful opportunities it offers. This highlight though, despite the title, is not a reworking of the Agatha Christie novel, but more like tales of the unexpected…I shall explain.

One of the joys of living here is heading to the beach for an evening stroll with our little fluffy fella Nero. As it is now officially the tourist season, beaches are generally no longer an option with a dog, but we do have a pebbly stretch at the far end of the bay where we get to indulge Nero in his ball addiction….I kid you not, he has it bad.

We are enjoying some very lovely sunny, warm weather so this week we headed to the bay where we were treated to a tremendous display from the Pollença fire fighting sea planes as they practicised swooping down to pick up sea water before dumping it back again. Nero was of course oblivious as he chased his ball in and out of the sea. We played for a bit before heading back to the car, waving to the lovely people who run Can Josep restaurant, fabulous little spot, highly recommended with spectacular views across the bay.

All was well, I had got some vitamin D and plenty of ions, Nero was suitably tired for the evening and as we drove back along the bay I was really taken in again by it’s beauty. The hotels along the promenade are now in full swing and the restaurants are buzzing with early diners…but then suddenly my evening glow was shattered! There in front of me was another supermacardo in all its new shiny glory and oversized red sign for those who need an explanation of what it clearly is! In fact I’d be surprised if new arrivals 20000ft up won’t get their first glimpse of it without stepping foot in Pollença Bay.

It can hardly be described as sympathetic to its majestic position or in keeping with the new tourism ideals that are here, but sadly are so often missing the point. We have one of the finest bays in Malllorca with much history and something to be treasured and whilst someone thought this would be a good idea you do have to question its relevance when there is an abundance of supply already.

There has been so much good work in Pollença Bay to shift to a new tourism model with sympathetic renovations, artisan produce being sold and overall a better way to be on holiday or enjoy living here. Of course as a visitor you may be delighted that you now only have to walk for two minutes rather than five to get some essentials. I just felt we should be striving for something more pleasing to the eye in our world class spot.


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