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The first time I made these little beauties it was a cold winters night back in England. We had friends staying and whilst the Estofado stew was bubbling away and the canederli were waiting patiently on the side, we popped next door to our local pub. A couple of pints later we came home to be greeted by that wonderful smell of a hearty stew and excitedly headed for the kitchen to pop in the canederli for a few minutes….very quickly a veil of desperation descended and my mood sank at the sight of canederli strewn across the kitchen….Coco the cat clearly had other plans for them…by the looks of it he needed to taste each one before giving up!

A lesson well learned…they are very simple to make and utterly delicious….just look out for cats!

Serves 4

• 200g stale bread cubed
• 200ml warm milk
• 2 shallots finely chopped
• Butter or olive oil for frying
• 1 tbsp chopped parsley

• 20g plain flour
• 40g Serrano ham very finally chopped
• 1 egg beaten
• 20g Parmesan

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