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Dolores y Nico

Dolores y Nico are wonderful local people who have a passion for proving the local community with a range of fresh meat produce that has been lovingly reared in the fields and mountains of the Tramuntana. Their Sobrassada is the best on the island.


So just in case you are wondering what are those red sausages hanging in the photo let me explain. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce one of Mallorca’s finest products that I absolutely love.

For the foodies among us here’s the history bit so if you are more interested in what you do with it you can miss this bit out and scroll down!

Sobrasada has been around for quite some time with its origin traced back to the Middle East and ancient history. A method was required to preserve and store food and so salting and stuffing meat products was born.

It’s name comes from Sicily where the pressing of stuffed meat was known through a technique called ‘sorpesa’ and thanks to the Roman Empire it arrived on the island and along with it the growth in the use of pigs as a regular meat . 

By the 17th Century Sobrassada became a common preservation method here in Mallorca and was firmly rooted in the culture. It wasn’t long before the Mallorquins added their own twist to the sausage with the addition of red paprika which gave it a reddish colour and has been a characteristic ever since. 

In Mallorca there are two types, one made with any breed of pig and the other from the Porc Negre, a breed similar to the Iberian pig, but exclusive to Mallorca where it has been raised on the island following traditional techniques. Whilst you might think Sobrasada must be an unhealthy product it is in fact packed with some great vitamins that help with our physical and emotional well being.

So what do you do with it ? More of a question of what can’t you do with it. At its most basic level it makes a delicious spread on local bread. The texture might differ as some have larger amounts of pork meat whilst others are smoother, up to you which you prefer. 

It really comes into its own when used as an ingredient and many home and professional cooks have made it a focal point in many recipes. It often has a staring role and has made it onto the plates of Michelin star kitchens. From being used as a flavour enhancer to being incorporated into meatballs, pasta dishes and even pastries there really is no end to its versatility. 

When you reach the end of your Sobrasada it feels that your best kitchen friend has just up and left you…your crutch has been kicked away and a sense of loss descends. In these desperate moments there  is only one things for it and that’s a quick run down the road to Dolores and Nico for another one…ah all is well again…or is this just me 😂

For some great ideas on using Sobrasada head over to our recipes and give them a go…let us know what you think. 

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