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Walk the talk: Yuccs

Nothing beats wool. Especially when it comes to balancing different temperatures. That’s why I love clothes made of merino wool.

Also and particularly when hiking or cycling. But shoes made of wool, that sounds like a challenge. Especially since wool can withstand everything except wetness. But now, Yuccs apparently found a solution for this too. The Mallorcan pioneer for shoes made of merino wool recently opened its first flagship store. In Palma, of course, where the brand has its headquarters.

Jaume III has long been the go-to street for footwear. Designed in Mediterranean blue and earth tones the Yuccs store welcomes locals and visitors with a simple yet stylish interior. In addition to merino sneakers and casual shoes you find a new model made of bamboo fibers. And the latest design, the merino boots. Higher cut and with a special water resistant finish of the wool. Once tried on, you hardly like to take them off ever again.

Because they are indeed super comfortable, with or without socks. All natural and beautifully soft, the fabric both breathable and anti-bacterial. Keeping your feet warm on cold days and cool when it’s getting hot again. But Pablo Mas, founder and CEO of Yuccs, wants more than designing and manufacturing most comfortable shoes.

In fact Yuccs aims to change the industry and the way we consume. Designed on Mallorca, Yuccs are wholly made on the peninsula. And of natural materials. Apart from wool for the outer shell the soles are made from sugar cane and the insoles from castor oil. And Pablo and his colleagues know all partners in Spain who are involved in the production of each pair of shoes.

Sustainability and transparency may be one more reason for people to fall in love with the merino sneakers from Mallorca. The feel of walking on clouds surely is.

Av. de Jaume III, 7 07012 Palma de Mallorca T 971 12 69 97 Facebook

Original article written by Caterina Bury and features on Estilo Palma


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