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When we told our friends Phil and Carolyn we had finally launched the magazine and we needed a regular supply of content, they very kindly offered to help with trips to restaurants and vineyards… after all that’s what friends are for 😀.

So this week Phil organised a trip to a wine producer on our doorstep here in Pollenca. Their wine isn’t widely available in the shops so we were especially looking forward to trying them.

History in the making

After a drive down a long track just off the road to Campanet we arrived at Binimaimo, an estate that dates back 500 years. We were very warmly greeted by Michiel and his wife Juliette and soon discovered they had fallen in love with this beautiful part of the island and in 2014 had embarked on a huge project to restore and introduce a vineyard to this land once again.

As Michiel walked as around a very small part of the estate you could feel its history, the olive trees that have stood and watched many changes for hundreds of years, the old terraces that showed the way of bygone farming, restored wells and beautiful stone walls that all come together to remind us that we were standing in the midst of people who were truly respecting the origins of the estate. 

After admiring the craftsmanship in their latest project to build a new family home, in the style and design of an old Possessios, we all went and sat under the shade of the trees to enjoy some fine wine.


A little taste

We shared four outstanding wines that have been created by an exceptional wine maker from Pollenca. Together with Michiel and Juliette there is a commitment to create wine that is truly organic and a little bit different to other wines on the island. The conversation was free flowing as we enjoyed hearing their experience of the past eight years and as we all shared our own stories of how we have ended up living in this beautiful part of the world it was a reminder of how lucky we are to be living here.

They have concentrated on the Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties and in the hands of this maker they have produced wines, that whilst using grapes we are very familiar with, have a unique style and structure to them but for me still shout Mallorca and the Mediterranean in a glass. Along with their wines we were teated to some exceptional olive oil from their estate and if that wasn’t enough Juliette pulled out of the bag their own honey… this was turning into a very memorable afternoon!

An afternoon to remember

For us the definition of a good glass of wine is simply one you enjoy… in the case of Binimaimo the gentle wander from their sumptuous Rosé packed with its fruity character, through to the crisp Sauvignon, the very elegant Blanc and then to arrive at the intensity of the Cabernet was a wonderful tasting experience. You can read more about the wines on their web site and whilst we were not a bunch of wine reviewers the fact that we left with a car boot full of wine says it all.

Juliette and Michiel are wonderful people and their Dutch hospitality shone through in the two hours we spent with them. It is hard to believe that the first production was in 2017, it feels like they have always been wine producers. They have painstakingly restored, renovated and built a wonderful new estate in the Ca’n Eixartell valley and we could really appreciate their dedication to put back into the fabric of the island a place that will become known for many generations to come.

Now pass me the corkscrew that Rosado needs opening…


Website: Binimaimo 

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