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James Kidwell’s restaurant review of O96, Alcudia:


It’s a brave move to open a brand new restaurant, especially in the rather scruffy outskirts of Alcudia not known for gastronomy. O96 opened just over a year ago overlooking the Bay of Pollenca where all the kitesurfers and foilers get going the moment there is a breeze. The restaurant isn’t that obvious, partly because its next to an abandoned high rise hotel which the spray-paint artists have made into a bit of a landmark and a photographer’s dream. However it has been put together with a design flair that creates a modern, beach vibe. White-washed walls and fun coloured and patterned tiling gives the place a distinctly cool impression, especially if you have left your board outside.

Behind the blue shutters, at the front there is a large bar and tables with views over the bay and at the rear there is a pretty, shaded terrace garden which is preferable for dinner after dark when it is attractively lit. Linking the two areas is the kitchen with a viewing window through which you can see the chef’s team working with intense concentration surrounded by a gleaming stainless steel kitchen and more edgy tiling. This serves the purpose of showing that well-prepared imaginative food is at the core of what O96 offers.


The cuisine has an originality which combines some Spanish staple dishes with an interesting dollop of international influence. There are some obviously recognisable Spanish dishes – Bravas, Croquetas, Jamon Ibérico, but most dishes are given a twist and either presented in an interesting way or with the addition of an international flavour. So there are Mexican pork tacos and zingy lime tuna tacos and the squid is married with sobrassada and noodles in a kind of plate for the United Nations. But if you want to play safe there is steak and a burger, which I plumped for and didn’t regret. It’s not quite fine dining but you can tell a lot of thought has gone into the menu and the staff exude care and attention to what they serve.

The wine list is not extensive and in fact the Gin list is rather more impressive which leaves you with the idea that evening cocktails would be very pleasant here. I was surprised not to know much about the island wines on the list and when in doubt, at lunchtime, I find you can never go wrong with a fresh Galician albariño which sits well with the zesty cuisine.

This restaurant deserves to succeed not least because it massively raises the stakes in the land of the kitesurfer by offering a Mykonos meets Miami cool.

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Carrer Francisco de Goya, 8, 07400 Alcúdia, Illes Balears

Directions: Map

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