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Sa Cabreta

When we arrived in Pollença we were introduced to a whole new world of what it means to be local. Pollença and the surrounding countryside is packed full of petit producers who are rightly very proud of what they do. Our new neighbours were farmers, cheese makers, wine producers, vegetable growers and often we found a bag of lemons or figs on our doorstep from people who just wanted to share their produce.


Our local deli is run by the wonderful Isa and one of the products which we love to buy from her is Sa Cabreta cheese, made by Formatges Tramuntana. Inspired by their farming parents and grandparents Nicolau and Josep left their jobs in the world of tourism and headed to the slopes of Tomir and Fartaritx in the middle of the Tramuntana mountains to create their stunning goat cheese and yoghurt.


Going back to their farming heritage gave them an opportunity to influence the quality of the the final product as they have full control of all the elements in the production cycle. Their organic farming methods are key to the creation of a tasty product where their goats are free to roam the fields of the Tramuntana. The quality of the product is there right from the first mouthful with a hit of the taste of Pollença.


Formatges Tramuntana had only just started their business when the pandemic struck. Thankfully the lock down rules allowed farmers to sell their produce house to house in Pollença and local people where delighted the they could buy fantastic products on the doorstep. The support they showed Nicolau and Josep continues today and they recognise how important this time was to be able to develop their business.


It continues to be very hard work for the team but they are passionate about what they are doing and why they are doing it. They openly share their love for what they do and are very busy giving demonstrations and tastings, it is very important to them that the children of Pollença know more about their community and the produce it offers.


We hope that as tourists return to Pollença they will also take the opportunity to visit their farm shop in its beautiful country setting and enjoy a true farm to table experience.

Instagram: Sa Cabreta

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