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Selva is a small and very beautiful town resting up on the edge of the start of the Tramuntana mountain range.  A rather imposing Church presides over the main square and Micelli can be found just off the square in a traditional village house that belongs to the family. It has small intimate dining room with a beamed ceiling and an open kitchen and offers a tranquil dining atmosphere.

We have dined there twice in recent months and on both occasions we have had the seven course lunch tasting menu whilst looking out over the beautiful countryside below. There is something rather lovely about the chef coming to your table and explaining each dish on the menu that she has created for her guests, inspired by her trip to the market that very morning. 

It reminds me of the way in which the great pioneering Irish chef Myrtle Allen went about running her restaurant in her family house back in the 1960s, where fresh local produce took centre stage with the minimal amount of interference. Her philosophy of using local artisanal ingredients and changing her menu daily to reflect the best offerings of the season was "revolutionary at the time, a true pioneer of Irish gastronomy" and in the same way Marga is a Mallorquin culinary visionary.

I wish we had written down each dish we had but sadly we didn’t. However we do remember some outstanding suckling pig and a hake fish course that was esceptional. Lucky for us we are going back in three weeks so we will definitely take more notes!

One word of warning, Micelli is very popular and last minute reservations are very hard to come by, you need to plan ahead.

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C/ Angels, 11. Selva, Mallorca

Directions: Map

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