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es barcarés rice

Nailing that traditional recipe is harder than you’d think. Everyone has a twist on the ingredients and ultimately it can be whatever you want it to be but if you entered a competition never add chorizo 😂

Anyway in a search for the authenticity we stumbled across a blog ‘Amarillo Azafran’ which featured a rice recipe cooked up on the shores of Bacares on the far side of Pollenca Bay. What caught my eye was that no other than Santi Taura was a guest at this feast and lending a hand. That was over 10 years ago and since then Santi has gone on to become a phenomenal Michelin Star chef here in Mallorca,

We have added a link to the blog post but here’s their way of cooking ‘Arroz Es Bacares’


Arroz Bomba rice (put a ladle of serving for each diner)
1½ litres of fish broth
1 kilo of shrimp cleaned
4 Sepias (weighed 2 kilos) cleaned and ink bags separated
3 onions chopped into small squares
4 large ripe tomatoes peeled and crushed
3 cloves of garlic (chopped)

6-7 Mallorcan green peppers (chopped)
A handful of green beans (chopped)
A little chopped parsley
A piece of sobrasada
Salt, sweet paprika
Olive oil


  1. Put the oil in the paella pan and fry the prawns, with a little salt for a few minutes - remove and keep to one side.

  2. Add the cuttlefish with a little salt to the paella pan then add the onion along with the chopped garlic until turning brown.

  3. Then add the green pepper and when it is almost done also add the green beans. They do not need much cooking as you need these to still be al dente.

  4. Next stir a piece of sobrassada and fry a little before adding a little sweet paprika.

  5. Add the crushed tomato and when it has been cooking for a few minutes add the rice and reserved ink bags.

  6. Let that all cook for a a few minutes then add the fish broth and continue stirring the rice non-stop until it reaches its simmering point, probably 12 minutes.

  7. One minute before turning off the heat, add the chopped parsley and the previously reserved prawns, stir well so that the flavours mix and you're done!

  8. Serve accompanied by ali-oli.

Original article by Amarillo Azafran

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