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Bay Hike: Cala Agulla to Cala Mesquida

A hike from one beach to another sounds like a piece of cake. And indeed there is an easy direct walk from Cala Agulla to Cala Mesquida. But that would be only half the adventure. An alternative route leads all the way up to the Puig d’es Telègraf and the ruins of the old watchtower Talaia de Son Jaumell. Rewarding you with a fabulous vista of the two bays, the surrounding coastline and the endless Mediterranean. Don’t forget to bring a towel.

Shortly after Cala Agulla and the smaller and less frequented little bay of Cala Moltó the path turns right. And soon starts to wind up the mountain. Becoming steeper and more narrow, but already allowing lovely glimpses back to Cala Agulla and picturesque Capdepera. Once you’ve reached the ridge the way leads past low palmitos, actually the only native palm trees on the Balearic Islands. For generations, their dried leaves have been used to weave senallas, the traditional Mallorcan baskets.

Now, once you’ve reached the talaia the entire coast and the Parc Natural de Llevant are at your feet. The watchtower has long become a popular picnic place not least because of the great view. You may well need a little snack right here. Because the next dream bay beckons. And the way down is even steeper than the way up. Nestled in a protected dune landscape and framed by rocks lies Cala Mesquida. The Mediterranean Sea glistens in the sun and above the white sand the water is a deep turquoise. Dip in or at least cool your feet before returning although the way back is rather easy.

The hike from Cala Agulla to Cala Mesquida connects two of the most beautiful bays on Mallorca. Visitors often rave about the Caribbean flair of the crystal-clear water and the sandy beaches. In fact, that’s the colors of the Mediterranean. The flip side is that both beaches are often pretty crowded. Thus starting early in the morning is the only way to enjoy both hike and swim. Or come here off-season. When the wind freshens up, the sea can get quite rough. But on a calm day it’s just paradise. Estilo Palma

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Original article written by Caterina Bury and features on Estilo Palma.


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