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  • Mark Carney

Walking, Wine and Burgers… now that’s the life

One of the joys of living in Mallorca is this special time of the year, when the sun is shining but the cooler days mean you can get out and about without the need to shower every five minutes…although that might just be me! We love the summer but there is something very special about the light that happens in Autumn. As the sun slides towards the end of the day it creates the most magical shadows and silhouettes across the mountains. Very beautiful and mesmerising.

We have dusted off our Bestards’ (fantastic walking shoes made here in Lloseta) and with Nero our effervescent cockapoo at our side (wishful thinking as anyone seeing us walking knows only too well), we have rediscovered the Puig de Maria on Sunday mornings and explored the hills and mountains of nearby towns. The Puig, as it is affectionately known in Pollença, presides over the town with a watchful eye. No matter how many times you walk it, there’s the moment after about 15 minutes, just before the cobbled donkey trail, when you wonder why you do it. Then that stunning view greets you and on a clear day you can see all the way across Alcudia Bay to the mountains that hug the east coast, breathtaking.

We always have a pre climb chat…’ok no need to rush let’s enjoy a leisurely stroll’ but Nero always has other plans and with our friends’ record time of 22 minutes ringing in our ears, we of course do the complete opposite. Before we know it that little bit of competitiveness creeps in and we are powering up there and for those of us who do like to have an outpouring of sweat it means the arrival at the top can be somewhat….wet! There’s nothing I like more than the photo call when we get there…another photo of sweaty Mark looking wrecked. Then of course you're bound to bump into someone you know who looks at you in astonishment that a 30 minute walk could leave you in that state. ‘Honestly I am fit’ I proclaim, but you just know what they are thinking…yep too many empanadas!

If you are in Pollença you have got to give it a go, it’s worth it just for the incredible views, you might even see us at the top, you’ll know if we are in front of you by the Hansel and Gretal trail of sweat.

Last week we were enjoying some really beautiful days with temperatures still in the early 20’s. I had read about a beautiful rustic wine shop called Sa Portassa in Alaro on the Wine Industry web site which sounded well worth a visit. I do have a bit of an obsession with local wines but there’s only so many times I can convince Samantha to indulge my habit of discovering another one. What I needed was a walk nearby and with luck on my side I managed to find the perfect circular walk that started on the edge of Binissalem with the mountains of Alaro surrounding you. It’s a really good 8k walk, nothing too strenuous and fabulous views all around. The plan had been to take a slight diversion and walk into Alaro but we missed our turn on the walk and had to drive.

Market day was just ending as we arrived in this beautiful little town…with Google maps at the ready I eagerly marched us by the remaining stalls towards the wine emporium. Nothing is ever straightforward in our use of Google maps but eventually we found the place and to my horror it was closed! I could sense Sams' relief at not having to watch me once again stand and randomly stare at more wine labels! She’s convinced that I am incapable of walking by a row of wine bottles without stopping! It wasn’t to be, but the cloud of disappointment was about to be lifted.

At the top of the same road was a great looking cafe bar on a small square, called Can Fressa Café really buzzy and the food looked great. We didn’t know at the time but this place is owned by Helga Velasco, who also owns the Hotel Can Fressa and Sa Portrassa! Searching out great wine is not the only addiction I have…I am also known as the Burger King! Who doesn’t love a burger?!! Despite my decision to have a rather lovely looking burrata salad, 'hamburgueser' came blurting out as our order was taken! But what an inspired choice, it was outstanding and now has the number one spot on my all time burger list…yes I do have that list!

So that’s a little insight into our recent adventures…more to come I am sure and we still have that 22 minute challenge to beat…although I am sure they had a dodgy stopwatch 😀


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