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5⭐️ in Cala Sant Vicenç

We were lucky to be invited to take a look at the stunning new Hotel El Vicenç, that opened just last week, thanks to our friend Miquel Bauzer. His company LF91 and Epic have been behind the transformation of this small part of Cala Sant Vicenç into a luxury 5 star Design Hotel.

The beautiful setting of Calla Sant Vicenç has long been the backdrop for many artists and writers who over the years came to be inspired by its dramatic coastline and stunning colours. As far back as the early 1900s a writer for a Mallorcan newspaper coined the phrase ‘The Pollença School’, to describe the artistic movement that was emerging in this Mecca for artists. Many painters along with the brilliant photographer Guillem Bestard, whose photography captured Pollença during this time, often stayed in an improvised pension overlooking the sea. It eventually became the Hotel Niu run by a very young woman called Teresa Fuster Creda who had a passion for creating tourism where the beauty of the location was combined with a high level of hospitality to entice guests to return year after year. She was very forthright in her views and campaigned to stop the ‘cheap tourism’ of the day that was creeping into her beloved Mallorca. Her meticulous attention to detail made her a top hotelier where guests from the nearby Hotel Formentor would want to come around the bay to experience her Mallorcan tourism… apparently her parties were notorious! So why the history lesson in a feature about a new hotel? Teresa was one of the first hoteliers in the Cala and was passionate about protecting the island from the damaging cheap tourism that undermined and undervalued the quality of the island. Over 100 years later the Hotel El Vicenç de la Mar is bringing that experience back to the Calla with an iconic place for guests to connect once again with the beauty of this magical spot. As the wonderful Kristina gave us a guided tour you couldn’t help but notice the beautiful serene feeling as you moved around the hotel, from the reception areas, the dining spaces to the rooms. When you finally emerge out onto the rooftop the views of the Mediterranean and Cavall Bernet are truly magnificent. It’s the perfect spot for cocktails, a swim or evening dining in the Restaurant El Vicenç where you will experience the colours of the Cala that are very unique whilst dining on exquisite food by Michelin Star Santi Taura.

Hotel El Vicenç de la Mar is part of a new wave of Mallorcan tourism that is about creating an experience based on the history, culture and people of this beautiful island. This is not about a cheap destination that undermines the sustainability of the island. It is a very beautiful hotel and the team behind it should feel very proud with their addition to the local landscape. I think Teresa would also have been very pleased with the results… the hospitality, the gastronomy, the attention to detail are all hallmarks of her approach to making sure your guests want to come back year after year.


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