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Hungry for culture?

It has been a fabulous week of culture at Sala61 in Pollença. From the beautiful classical piano playing of Magí Garcías on Saturday evening to the swinging jazz of the Happy Cats last Friday. Two very different events but thankfully both events enjoyed by a fully appreciative audience.

It is rare to have a music experience where you can be so close to the artist and really feel their performance. It also takes a certain kind of musician who can give of themselves in this way, where they can feel the the eyes of the audience bearing down on them. It adds an intensity to the performance but also an intimacy that Magí clearly felt very at home in as he gave our guests a very special evening with his programme of Chopin, Debussy, Kozcalski and Spanish composer Frederico Mompou.

On Friday it was a change of tempo as the doors to Sala61 were swung open and we welcomed the sounds of jazz and swing. In the very capable hands of three outstanding musicians from Palma, the Happy Cats took their unique style and shone a light on some of the great jazz classics. It was a real treat to hear Sala61 filled with the sounds of Christa Elmer, Pedro Riestra and Nacho Vegas. I hope they feel they now have a new home in Pollença.

Whilst we clapped, tapped, danced and smiled away, we were served gourmet tapas prepared by Fanny and David of Tan A Gustina. I love nothing more than a bowl of bravas and a plate of croquettes but this was tapas on another level… Ecuadorean shrimp ceviche, truffled carpaccio of portobello mushroom to name just two of the small plates and all accompanied by another great choice of Mallorcan wine by Ivan from The Wine Industry.

Sala61 is not just a music venue, it is also where we live. When we host an event we are sharing a bit of ourselves, our home. We truly do want everyone to have a memorable experience and hope that people leave feeling they have been part of something unique, maybe have made new friends, heard new sounds and feeling a little bit enriched from the whole experience.


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