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Who needs the sun all of the time…

Even though we have up and left grey England for the Mediterranean blue skies we do occasionally enjoy a rainy day when low clouds descend on the Tramuntana mountains creating a moodiness which I am told suits me!! I can’t deny it and do quite like it. That’s exactly what happened last Monday and what was meant to be a lovely afternoon trip to a beautiful vineyard in warm Spring sunshine turned into a wet and windy dash for the nearest cover!

Can Gelat finds itself in yet another beautiful Mallorcan spot in between Selva and Moscari. In the hands of Wim and Hilly they are creating a wonderful immersive wine experience. Sadly we couldn’t see Can Gelat in all its glory with the rain coming in sideways, but we still managed to enjoy a fabulous couple of hours of wine, food and great music that the rain could not spoil. Even the crisp vino blanco and rosado that normally are reserved for warm sunny days stood up to the dreary weather.

Our friend Ivan from The Wine Industry joined us to bring a bit more knowledge to the tasting, other than our nodding approvals to everything we were drinking! Ivan has already written a review of Can Gelat and is a firm fan of their approach to local grapes. As the fabulous guitar playing and vocals filled the room we all agreed, there’s something about a Monday afternoon cheeky wine tasting, surely the best way to start a dry week!

It wouldn’t be a Mallorca La Vida highlight without at least one food experience to share. This was a new one for us as we headed to Selva with Sams Mum and Dad. It’s always a fun time sharing great food and wine with them and Selvatge was exceptional. Of course John and I apparently ordered far too much food as both of the specials made their way onto our table. Unsurprisingly we managed to polish off the pulpo, chuleton, roasted vegetables, the delicious aubergine with honey and tahini and a couple of deserts. These are sharing plates but don’t’ t even think of calling it tapas.

Despite all the great wine and food experiences our highlight for April has to be Lex our daughter finally playing at Sala61 with her friends from Royal College of Music. An hour of superb music as Lex on cello, Marvin on piano and Matthew on flute put a smile on the faces of about 40 people who came to start their weekend listening to these talented young musicians whilst enjoying the renowned Sala61 hospitality! . Thanks to Lex and her friends we have now managed to get into Tripadvisors ‘Top 5 Things To Do in Pollenca’. I am not sure we will ever knock the Puig de Maria off the number 1 spot, but still a great feeling after our first year of bringing intimate, close up music experiences to Pollenca.


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