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It's cold outside!

When you think of living in Mallorca the last thing you’d contemplate is the idea that it might actually be cold. So yesterday we found ourselves desperately searching for the hat, gloves and scarf that we happily buried in the back of the drawer when we moved here. Hoping we would never ever need them again…after all it’s the Med. We were both muttering away how ridiculous it was but in fairness I was slightly more vocal!

We were heading out to take the dog for his morning walk. I am sure it was all rather amusing to him watching us huff and puff with his lovely warm coat ready to take on the elements…as long as there’s a ball he doesn’t really care what the weather is doing!

We dared to mention this occasional weather hardship to our friends back in the UK and of course received no sympathy. Instead the grumpy response of ‘you have no idea what cold is’ came flying back at us. No matter how hard we try to convince them that it really is cold to your bones all they can hear is a medley of words…Mediterranean sunshine, T-shirts and shorts, sun cream and cold beers and of course there’s that recent photo of the sun beating down we recently shared on Instagram!

Of course we are not moaning really it’s just a small footnote in what is a wonderful time to be here. It is actually rather lovely to be feeling a little bit chilly, sunny days in the crispy air of the Tramuntana, a blustery walk in the bay and a great excuse to hunker down in front of a log fire. It’s even a novelty to be eating inside a restaurant in a wooly jumper, tucking into a hearty feast that leaves you feeling cosy.

The night before the hat and scarves expedition we had a really lovely dinner with our friends Carolyn and Phil at Nisi down in Alcudia Bay. Thankfully it’s one of only a few restaurants who have stayed open during the winter. As the wind was howling around us in the covered awning we had heaters keeping us toasty whilst we enjoyed a fabulous dinner, the confit suckling pig was very good and so was the Grappa! I am sure they are rammed in the summer, so if you are here I’d pop along and give them a go…super friendly.

This morning we woke up to a beautiful winter scene of snow capped mountain tops. We know it wont last long but for now it’s good to feel the seasons and look forward to warmer months ahead. Then it will be the turn of our visiting friends to point out to us just how hot it is, whilst laying by the pool sipping a cold beer. It really does get rather warm too and that’s one of the great things about a life here, you get a little bit of everything…


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