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Festival Time in Pollença

When we arrived in Pollença last year the island was still in the midst of Covid rules and that of course meant no Fiestas and certainly no Patrona Festival. For locals, this festival, that celebrates the Patron Saint of Pollença and also the battle between Moors and Christians, is a huge affair and is recognised across the island as one of Mallorcas most exciting events in the Fiesta calendar.

So now for the first time in three years Pollença can look forward to a full Fiesta season and by the looks of it we are in for a very exciting and emotionally charged first Patrona! The whole town is now gripped by Fiesta fever and on Friday night it started with the election of the person who this year would present Joan Mas, the key figure in the celebrations.

In a short time we have met some very lovely people, Pollencins, who are very proud of their town and its customs. Salvador Esquinas is one of those people and on Friday night he was eagerly waiting to hear if he was going to be elected as Joan Mas, an incredible honour for a Pollencin. The town was heaving with people, a great party atmosphere with bars and restaurants full, the square buzzing in anticipation as more and more people lined up outside the Cloisters to place their vote.

It was our first time voting, a very exciting experience and makes us feel a real part of the town. It couldn’t have been a better first time for us as the gun shots echoed around the town signalling that our friend Salvador had been elected by the people of Pollença. We are so happy for him and he absolutely deserves this honour.

Now Salvador has a busy time of rehearsals so he has the best Patrona day on 2nd August as he offers his emotional prayer to Our Lady of the Angels.


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