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Mallorca Hit by Snow

While meteorologists take March 1st as the beginning of spring and the island celebrates Balearic Day, the Tramuntana lies under a blanket of heavy snow. Turning Mallorca into a winter wonderland. But don’t be mistaken. As beautiful as the landscape looks wrapped in white, the situation in the mountain is quite challenging, if not even dangerous.

In Lluc people were trapped but luckily well taken care of. And where usually cyclists enjoy the new season even hiking is not a safe option, right now. Many roads are closed not only because of snow and icy conditions but also due to fallen trees. Sometimes there are even snowdrifts, like at the entrance to the Monnaber Tunnel.

Although snow in the Tramuntana mountains isn’t that unusual, this late and heavy winter onset on Mallorca came rather unexpected. Storm Juliette hit Mallorca badly, causing power outages and overflowing torrents. Rain poured down in the eastern parts of the island, whereas there was an unusual amount of fresh snow in the mountains. At least, this should help to fill up the two reservoirs and alleviate the expected water shortage, this summer.

The sun has already returned to the island and the faces. And before long locals and visitors will be keen to enjoy the white splendor. But until roads are free, you’d rather have a look at our photo gallery, courtesy of Luis Berbiela and his colleagues from @xarxaforestal.

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Original article written by Caterina Bury and features on Estilo Palma.


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