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Tango in Tianna

Whilst Tianna Negre has been producing wine since 2007, you could say that the idea was planted many years ago when the mother of Xisca Morey, Antonia Garau, inherited a small vineyard in the village of Consell. Her commitment to nurture and care for these vines remains an inspiration to the team at Tianna Negre. In recognition she is featured on the label of Ses Nines, taken from a photo of her skipping in Consell and now later in life on the side of the new concrete eggs. Since the first harvest the family has expanded and carried on with their mothers legacy by respecting and maintaining the wine making tradition and preserving local grapes.

Over the past few weeks something very lovely has been happening down at Tianna Negre. They are of course known for their exceptional wines but lately they have been combining their wine with a series of 'music and wine events' that have been raising money for cancer research in Son Espases. So when our friend Lily Torras, who takes care of the wine tourism at Tianna Negre, invited us down for a tour and to listen to some tango we didn’t hesitate.

It was a stunning early evening and as the sun started to dip lower behind the Tramuntana mountains we settled in to the sounds of Argentina on their beautiful terrace. Now I can’t say that I am very knowledgeable about tangos or Argentine folklore but these guys were simply outstanding. As they held us all in the palm of their hands and their rhythms rocked us, the voice of Sergio Bustos soared into the night air. Known as the Ensemble de Tangos “La Cuarentena” these four exceptional musicians gave us all a very memorable evening and have certainly sparked a new love of tangos in us!

If you get a chance to hear Sergio, Facundo, Leopoldo and Pablo then don’t think twice they really are something very special… and the perfect accompaniment to a glass or two of Tianna Negres wine.


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