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When the sun still shone…

There is never a dull moment here in Mallorca but this week the weather can definitely be put in the box marked dull with its grey skies, winterly blasts and plenty of snow, well plenty for Mallorca! As we welcome March we should be waving goodbye to winter and skipping merrily into spring but for now it’s still blustery beach walks and nights in front of the fire.

It’s not all bad though as watching the snow fall on the mountains has been very beautiful. Of course the devastation around the island with the sheer volume of rain and the high winds hasn’t been so good with trees falling, roofs collapsing and for good measure a sink hole in Palma revealing a13th Century wall.

Was it really only two weeks ago when we were revelling in blue skies and warm sun as we enjoyed fabulous walks with our daughter Lex and her friend (not the donkey!) who came to see us. Looking back at the photos I remember thinking how beautiful the last few specks of snow on the mountains looked, not thinking for one moment that they would be covered again so soon!

So as a reminder that the sun really does shine for more than 300 days a year here, this is our highlight from that weekend. We are always so proud to show the island and its natural beauty is a great place to start. When Lex asked if we could go on one of ‘our’ walks with the fluffy one we thought we could either just stroll out from Pollença along the river or maybe something a bit different.

On our list has been a trip high up in the Tramuntana to Cuber and Gorg Blau. What a stunning drive it is from Pollença as we climb up through the mountains with every corner revealing a different breathtaking view. I really don’t know how the cyclists do it as it’s a challenging climb even in a car! You eventually arrive at the tunnel and as you emerge you are greeted with a majestic view of Gorg Blau, but we headed for the Cuber reservoir

It’s a simple 45 minute circular walk around the lake but it’s the surrounding beauty and magnitude of Puig Mayor and Puig Massanella that make it captivating...there's even a couple of wild donkeys who will gladly join you for a picnic! Definitely worth the effort and on the way back you can always carry on to Soller…as the sun hung low in the sky we managed another hour on the beach and whilst our pooch carried on his search for Australia we enjoyed a cold beer…after all the sun was shining…it was positively warm…ah yes I remember it well 😀


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