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Dunord Viticola

Joan Gutiérrez and Dunord Viticola are one of the new stars in Pollença wine making who stand shoulder to shoulder with the fantastic producers in this part of the island. As an emerging wine producer who places organic and sustainable methods at the heart of the production their current wines are showing great potential having been just been highly praised by the Guiapenin wine magazine.

It is often said that wine production runs through your veins and in the case of Joan, his father and grandfather both wine producers in Mallorca have had a huge impact on his passion to become a world class winemaker. After studying viticulture and oenology and following a period at Bodegas Roda in Rioja he retuned to Mallorca to work with Bodegas Ribas, one of the oldest wineries on the island since 1711.

A desire to absorb wine making from around the world led to Archival Ferrer in Argentina, it was here that a new friendship with wine producer Roberto Cipresso led to an exciting working relationship in Tuscany. Once again roads led back to Mallorca and a project with Roberto at the Santa Catarina bodega.

Whilst all of this was happening the the prospect of a family run wine vineyard was calling him. Originally planted in 1997 by his grandfather, this abandoned plot was replanted with the Escursac grape variety and thought much nurturing and love has slowly become the very classy micro producer Dunord Viticola here in Pollenca.

This intensively managed vineyard has viticulture a high priority working with nature to ensure a harvest that enriches the wine that ends up in our glass. With no irrigation and high planting densities of 5000 plants per hectare the aim is to enrich the soil fertility with minimal impact of the environment. The new planting has seen the introduction of indigenous grape varieties including Giro Roe, Gargollasa, Giro Negre and some Malvasia, Syrah and Monastrell.


Finally after all the hard work there are 3 beautiful wines are now available, the Corolla, awarded 92 points by Guiapenin, a fantastic red that combines Gargollassa and Syrah that has 9 months in French oak barrels, L’insomni, awarded 90 points by Guiapenin, with Giro ros and Malvasia grapes and the limited edition Trabucat with 300 bottles that feature Esursac and Syrah from the original vines.

This is only the beginning for this bodega which deserves great success, like many other small producers here in Mallorca they exude a passion for creating excellent products. People often ask why you don’t see much Mallorcan wine in shops outside of Mallorca - I could offer a myriad of reasons but as someone who loves our local wines I am very grateful that there is plenty here for us to enjoy. So the best way to experience Mallorcan wines is to come, see and taste for yourself… you will experience Mallorca in a glass 😀.

Website: Dunord Viticola

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