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Pollença Gazpacho

Pollença Gazpacho

Cold soup… not everyones cup of tea, but when the temperatures soar, as they have this week, there is nothing more refreshing than gazpacho. A bit like paella everyone has their own take on this dish but it has a fascinating history that starts with the Roman Empire, has a Moors twist with almonds and ends up in Andalusia which is the version we all know and some of us love!

The Andalusian gazpacho has its roots firmly in tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers where it provided nourishment to farm workers who were toiling under the hot sun. It is packed full of nutrients and you can see why they couldn't get enough of this refreshing bowl that really does hit the spot. These days gazpacho makes it on to the menus of Michelin restaurants, elevated of course. Our version features fresh produce from Pollença and another wonderful summer fruit, the watermelon. Give this one a go it will revive on the hottest of days.

• 1kg watermelon, chopped
• 2 large tomatoes
• 1 large peeled cucumber, seeds removed
• 1 onion
• ½ red pepper
• ½ green pepper

• Juice and zest of a lime
• 3 tbsp sherry vinegar
• Salt and pepper
• 3 chunks off stale bread
• A few mnint and/or basil leaves
• Thumb of sliced ginger

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