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Snails with aioli

Snails with aioli

Thousands of kilos of snails are devoured in Mallorca on San Marcos' day (25th April). Many Mallorcans believe snails help avoid rheumatism and other diseases.

Pull up your chair, take a deep breath and prepare for one of the years great gastronomy experiences. There’s no easy way to eat these little morsels of deliciousness other than take up your tooth pick and gently tease them out of their shells and dunk them ceremoniously into the pure white aioli.

Not only do you have the snail to enjoy but also the wonderful broth that is infused with herbs and those two other wonderful Mallorcan products, sobrassada and botifarron. Take a slice of local bread and your spoon, and plough on through.

• 2kg of snails
• A bunch of herbs
(fennel, mint, celery, oregano, laurel and lemon balm)
• A piece of ham
• A piece of bacon
• A piece of sobrasada
• 1 or 2 botifarron

• 2 potatoes
• 2 onions
• 2 ripe tomatoes
• 1 chili pepper
• 1 tablespoon bread crumbs
• ½ cup of white wine
• Salt and pepper

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