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Visiting Can Gelat and discovering their unique wines

Back in 2020, we first had the pleasure of visiting Finca Can Gelat, a picturesque vineyard located between Selva and Moscari. Finca Can Gelat incorporates a stunning 20-hectare vineyard nestled at the foot of the Tramuntana Mountains, boasting breath-taking views of the island and the sea in the distance. The vineyard produces wines from grapes that are grown organically and sustainably. They have been certified by Vi de la Terra Mallorca and the Mallorcan CBPAE ecological qualification, which means that their grapes are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides.

Our first visit included viewing the young vineyards, walking around the estate, and learning about the vision of the owners, Wim and Hilly Lochtenberg, from their son Maurik. During our personal tour with Maurik we also shared our knowledge of the Mallorcan wine industry. Maurik then revealed that the family had plans to build a new winery on site and acquire adjacent land to extend their crops.

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Fast forward two years, we returned to Finca Can Gelat and met with Hilly and Wim. At this stage they were ready to start commercializing their range of wines, and we were eager to taste them.

The wines of Can Gelat are very special. The unique soil composition of limestone and clay, combined with the fresh microclimate of the Tramuntana Mountains, creates the perfect conditions for growing grapes. The white wines are made with grapes that grow in white chalky soils, adding freshness to the wine. The red and rosé wines, on the other hand, are produced with grapes that grow in clay brown soils, which add structure and character to the wine.

Can Gelat's vineyard is also unique due to its integration into the landscape, respecting the existing forest areas, olive trees, and carob trees that were there long before the vines were planted. As a result, the estate also produces rich olive oil, almonds, and homemade marmalade.

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Looking to the future, Can Gelat has all the ingredients to become one of the most amazing vineyards on the island. If the vines are well-nurtured, we see them being of tremendous value.

Their Giró Ros is one of the most complete white wines we have tried to date. This is a versatile white wine with refreshing aromas of white stone fruit and juicy nectarine, followed by Mediterranean spices and a hint of honey. The flavour is full, silky, and smooth, with a refreshing saltiness and a touch of fennel notes. All of this is accompanied by a pleasant acidity, which makes this a gastronomic wine. Tangerine zest and a slight bitterness characterize the long aftertaste.

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Their Callet rosé wine aims high. The aromas are delicate, consisting of tropical fruits such as lychee, and a hint of limestone. To taste, it is rich and characterized by a lovely mouth feel: juicy, with tropical fruits and Mediterranean spices, and finished with a pleasant acidity. A slight touch of citrus is present in the aftertaste, as well as a subtle saltiness.

And, last but not least, their red Callet is subtle and elegant with low alcohol content, making it a perfect modern red wine. The flavour is elegant and juicy, complemented by spices like thyme and bay leaf. The aftertaste is purifying, with the distinctive, subtle saltiness of the Can Gelat vineyards. 

At a recent Guia Peñin tasting, both the white and red wines wine were awarded a 91-point rating.

And the family don’t just stop here! In addition to the vineyard, Can Gelat offers two luxurious villas that are available for rent. Whether you're looking for a vacation rental, a wine tour holiday, or a special event venue, Can Gelat is the perfect destination.

We hope this selection will inspire you to try some new wines and support the amazing small wineries that create them.

Article written by Lara Corfield & Ivan Gonzalez, The Wine Industry Mallorca

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