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Fresh from the oven: Rosevelvet Bakery

They have been proud of making the hottest cakes in town. And the hearty snacks at Rosevelvet Bakery are just as delicious.

But Rosita and Franer went one step further to set their popular coffee shop apart from other cafés in Palma. Although Rosevelvet had the bakery in the name right from the start, it all began with a narrow kitchen in the back of the original location on up-and-coming Carrer de la Missió.

From there just follow the smell of freshly baked bread, croissants or cookies. It will lead you straight away to Rosevelvet’s new obrador. The small store with the spacious bakery where you can watch Rosita and her team prepare all the delicacies behind large glass windows. Take a loaf of warm bread home, enjoy your favorite cake with a cup of specialty coffee at Rosevelvet Café around the corner. Or check out Rosevelvet Santa Cata, their latest coffee house on Carrer Dameto.

Rosita has always been passionately tinkering and experimenting with recipes and processes. And if in doubt, she does not hesitate to confer with a baker in Australia about the proper usage of her new oven. Only satisfied when, for example, the sourdough bread tastes and looks exactly as it should. Maybe it’s this combination of craftsmanship and passion that makes Rosevelvet Bakery so successful. You can taste it. Estilo Palma


C/ de Can Maçanet, 1

07003 Palma

Brunch & Coffee

C/ de la Missió, 15

07003 Palma

Brunch & Coffee Santa Cata

C/ de Dameto, 8

07013 Palma

T 871 706 946

Original article written by Caterina Bury and features on Estilo Palma


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