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Food Explosion in Pollensa

The extent of Mallorcan gastronomic surprises stretch to every corner of the Island.

The explosion of artisan producers has created a very special group of people who passionately believe in the islands heritage as a food producer and the abundance of natural ingredients that can be used to create sublime plates of food.

In the North of the Island there are may of these producers working hard to bring us the very best in a variety of foods. Creative wine producers using local grape varieties, cheese from the goats of the Tramuntana, sobrassada hand made by the farmers of Pollença and of course the family owned pastelarias who stick to traditional methods to create the classic ensaimadas, pans and empanadas.

Its a treasure trove of discovery through every sip and bite of delicious food and drink that keeps you coming back for more and wanting to explore how the local restaurants incorporate these wonderful ingredients into their plates of food. From every day local cafes and bars to the Michelin star restaurants many are refocussing on traditional recipes and bringing them back to life with a modern take that are shaking up the food scene.

Over the coming weeks we will feature many of these producers, restaurants and recipes in our Food Directory.


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