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Festival of the Senses: Joan Marc Restaurant

The essence of Joan Marc Restaurant in one dish? Maybe the tomato tartare. Accompanied by toasted nut bread it combines the intensity of summer and the fruit of fall. Draped and garnished like a little piece of art on your plate. During the menu we enjoyed all the autumn flavors and colors. Even the interior of Joan Marc Restaurant is inspired by nature, carefully decorated with light wood. Warm sunlight falls in through the large windows while you look out onto the lovely plaça with its tall trees.

Thanks to the beautiful open kitchen you can watch Joan and his team carefully preparing the meals. Always following the season and with great respect to the traditional local cuisine. The soup already triggered a small explosion in my taste buds. Chilled pieces of melon garnished with anchovies and almonds. And the seriola, a type of mackerel, with trampó evoked sunny days by the sea. Our lunch ended with an exceptional desert, a cake of thin layers of crêpe with lemon and mint.

There is a great selection of tapas on the menu, as well. But if you go for the tasting menus you will embark on an amazing journey of different flavors and textures. Just trust the creativity and experience of the chef. I have been following Joan Marc’s work for many years. The way he innovates and further refines his cuisine in a modest and at the same time very confident way. So whether you live around Inca or not, Joan Marc Restaurant is definitely worth a trip to the center of the island. Estilo Palma

Joan Marc Restaurant

07300 Inca

T 971 50 08 04

Original article written by Caterina Bury and features on Estilo Palma.


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