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Fig love: Finca Son Mut Nou

Fig trees have always been among my favorites. I love the intense smell. And the look of the fresh green leaves on the upward turning branches. Following the sun. And last but not least the fruit. Did you know that there are 260 varieties in the Balearic Islands alone? Recently, I learned about the Finca Son Mut Nou. Where more different fig trees grow than at any other place in the world.

On a quiet Saturday morning we visited the Finca together with our friends Angela and Luis. The owner warmly welcomed us and proudly told us about his unique project. The former pharmacist Montserrat Pons i Boscana has been experimenting with this curious fruit for more than 35 years. Today, he surely knows more about fig trees than anyone else.

Then we got the opportunity to explore the vast area on a golf cart ourselves. Passing the plantation of fig trees with more than 1,300 varieties Montserrat has collected from all over the world. And driving further on through expansive meadows and mostly untouched scrub land. Coming from the bustling center of Palma it’s hard to believe that just a few kilometers off Llucmajor agriculture meets wilderness.

Impressed by the neat rows of trees we returned to the reception area. The family had prepared a little tasting with a selection of fig treats. From fig liquor to fig mustard to dried figs. Sitting at a long table shaded by tall trees I pictured a private party in this secluded hideaway.

And indeed, they often host birthdays, weddings and other events at Finca Son Mut Nou. As well as excursions and seminars for students of all ages. And where would you rather learn about biology and biodiversity than in this environment?

So knowing a little more about the precious fruit and its cultivation on Mallorca, I will certainly relish figs even more. Maybe it is a good idea to come back to Son Mut Nou in the fig season. And learn about the different tastes while they are being harvested. Estilo Palma

Camí des Palmer

07609 Llucmajor

T 646 633 259

Original article written by Caterina Bury and features on Estilo Palma.


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