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It started with a sip!

You don’t always remember exactly where and when you first tasted a new bottle of wine, but in this case I can tell you precisely when my love affair began with Son Grau Gran. It’s a problem living here, as I am finding that I am starting a new one most weeks but this one I knew wasn’t just a brief fling!

Our lovely niece, Ellena, came to see us for a long weekend. It was her first trip since the pandemic so she was understandably very excited to come and soak up those Mallorcan rays, and of course she got to spend a few days with her favourite Aunt and Uncle. 😀

When we have visitors it’s our perfect excuse to visit new places, which normally means food and there was a restaurant on our bucket list. Enjoying fabulous food with your feet in the sand is becoming a rarity in Mallorca due to new rules from some remote Spanish authority who doesn’t understand what people like to do on holiday (small rant over), so to find Bananas restaurant, which is right on the beach at Son Baulo is a real treat.

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and we headed over to the far side of Alcudia Bay, a lazy lunch with our feet in the sand enjoying delicious paella marisco… perfecto! Their paellas are exceptional and highly recommended and of course there’s no better way to enjoy them than with a bottle of Mallorcan rosé.

If the Mortitx Flares is on a wine list then we tend to plump for that one, and why not it’s delicious. But this time they had sold out and recommended something else local that we hadn’t heard of. Having become slightly obsessed by hunting down our local wines I was a little bit excited by the prospect of a new rosé. And there it began… the first sip of this perfectly chilled rosé, packed full of citrus and fresh fruit from the Gorgollasa grape and we were in love.

Son Grau Gran produce high quality low volume organic wines using native varieties. We have had several bottles of their reds and of course the rosé made a regular star appearance over the summer. There is something very special about opening a bottle of wine that is produced on your door step with such love and care… if you haven’t tried their wines, the next time they pop up on a wine list then you must give them a go.

For more about Son Grau Gran take a look at a review in our Food and Wine feature by Amy Dunn from Tasting with Amy


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