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It was the week before Christmas…

Every week I get to write about the amazing experiences we are having on this beautiful island… a new walk with more breath taking views, a locally produced wine that continues my love affair with incredible indigenous grapes or another food memory created by one of the many talented chefs.

On this wonderful path of discovery I also get to indulge my passion for writing. These short stories and little bits of insight I hope provide some enjoyment and provide a little nudge to try something new, but without my lifelong friend Pete, I would still be dreaming of writing this magazine. As a very talented designer Pete makes my words come to life and as an added bonus for him he gets to read about all the wonderful experiences we are having here in the sun whilst he enjoys the grey clouds back in Liverpool!

So when Pete came to visit last week we thought it was high time that he got to be part of one of the events that he so cheerfully keeps publishing every week… time for a staff Christmas lunch we thought and where better than to try Daica in Llubi. This traditional Mallorca house in the rural heart of the island has been turned into a signature restaurant, serving up some fabulous locally inspired plates of food

Now it wasn’t just a table for two, Samantha (my wife who patiently indulges all of my Mallorcan explorations) was there to keep us in check. As the volunteered driver, Sam very kindly allowed us to savour some rather wonderful local Vermut and a delicious local red wine from Son Prim, that went perfectly with an utterly delicious array of dishes.

We opted for Menu Daica, six courses with some lovely little twists showing the creativity in the kitchen. The clever treatment of local produce like the first dish with flatbread made with locally Xeixa flour, roasted cauliflower and Butifarron was exceptional and my favourite, the Lonja fish with a marine plankton cream… a definite first.

It was small, it was intimate, it was yet another outstanding memory made in Mallorca. I can’t think of a better way to spend a couple of hours than with the people in your life who warm your heart, put a smile on your face and are your rock… thank you for a very special Christmas lunch.


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