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Let's get the party started

It has been quite a busy few weeks here in our little corner of Mallorca. Lots of lovely people coming to stay with us to enjoy La Patrona, probably the biggest festival time of the year in Pollença. You are spoilt for choice with lots of organised events that tend to involve late night partying. These days I find that we are waving goodbye a lot earlier than the ‘good old days’ as we hear the calling of the air conditioned bedroom and leave the partying to those with a bit more stamina for crawling in at 6am!

Having said that we did see past midnight at Marxa Fresca, the night when our town square is turned into a disco of the 80s. This happens every year and everyone in the town dresses in white. It’s a fantastic sight and a great atmosphere. This year had an unexpected twist and was made even more special with our great friends daughter becoming engaged just before we all went for dinner at Onze…congratulations Megan and Brad, what a night to get engaged!

La Patrona always gets the town in a celebratory mood that culminates with the reenactment of the 1550 battle where the Christians led by Joan Mas defeat the Turkish pirates led by Dragut. Of course it is the same outcome every year but it always gets the pulse racing as the two sides charge towards each other on Calle Major…the passion of the people is there to be felt!

You could feel the anticipation rising up from our very special viewing point on the balcony of Jimmys Bar. Normally having water poured on you from a great height isn't something you beg for, but on what must have been the hottest day of the year, we heard screams of joy from the colourful Moors who were waving their swords at the slightly less colourful Christians with their big sticks as the water rained down on their heads from the windows and balconies above! It all ends with a firework display that lights up the town as another year of Patrona excitement draws to a close. I do often wonder what visitors must think as the drag their cases through the town looking for their hotels, navigating past a load of men dressed up running around screaming...welcome to Patrona 😀

With family and friends staying with us we also got to indulge in some more eating and's all for research purposes! Sunday lunch at the Llenaire hotel with views across the bay was very special. In fact it was so good on the Sunday when my Mum was staying that we had to go back the following Sunday with our great friends Ian and Hilary (parents of William the amazing pianist who played at Sala61) for a very good seafood paella washed down with a couple of bottles of Can Axartell rosado…happy days.

Our daughter Lex is now with us for a couple of weeks which no doubt means more fun on the water as the heat rises again….the makings of the next highlight I am sure 😀


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