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Sant Jordi: Books and Roses

It’s all about books, today. Books and roses, actually. Mallorca celebrates Sant Jordi, so don’t forget to get a book and a rose for your loved one. There are plenty of book and flower stalls all over the island, above all in Palma.

Young and old cluster around the book tables. Not only because book shops offer a special discount. It’s a meet and greet. Writers sign their books, families exchange reading tips. There is even music and dance in the streets. And a smile on the face of many.

Besides words and flowers, it’s the tradition itself that‘s being kept. The ritual of getting together, of sharing the memories of the past and creating future ones. The joy of reading, a most solitary pleasure, is handed down in the family. And when you see the sparkling eyes of a child barely able to decipher a text but all the more fascinated to discover an unknown territory, you know about the power of imagination.

Legend has it that Knight George killed a dangerous dragon, thus liberating a princess. The blood of the dragon soaked the soil from which grew a beautiful rose bush. This and many more stories are told in the books. And what would life be without them? For this reason, UNESCO declared 23 April, Sant Jordi, world book day.

If you are more into contemporary content, no problem, the choice at Sant Jordi is huge. You’ll find non-fiction, novels, children’s books, comics, lyrics, coffee table books. And discover the latest addition to Palma’s book scene, llibreria pròpia, specialized in women’s stories.

Original article written by Caterina Bury and features on Estilo Palma.


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