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Fosh: Lunch with old friends

It has been great to share our new home with our friends and family but now it’s just the three of us again (yes Nero our dog is numero 3!) and we get to spend a bit more time with each other. So having had to nip back to the UK for a few a days, I thought it would be lovely to spend a long lunch with my amazing wife at Marc Fosh in Palma when I got back… minus Nero!

We haven’t been since pre pandemic so we were very excited. Marc is the original Michelin star chef of Mallorca, whose talent and inspiration has spawned a crop of chefs who have also gone on to great things and collectively are making Mallorca one of the most exciting food destinations in the Med.

It was a grey rainy day but as soon as we arrived there was plenty of sunshine from the team at Fosh. Smiling faces, welcoming us back, ready to take us on a relaxed couple of hours of food exploration.

Fosh has never left us feeling underwhelmed or disappointed, it is the masterfulness of what it does. For me Marc is the Godfather of elegant simplicity when it comes to combining Mediterranean flavours and on Friday we were treated to a superb lunch. We opted for the Menu de Semana and had 5 plates of outstanding food, accompanied by stunning local wines selected impeccably by the very talented sommelier Giorgia Scaramella. From Son Prim, a new white and a delightful red featuring the local Callet grape produced by Can Major.

We left feeling that we had just spent time with some old friends who we hadn’t seen for a while, for me that is the sign of a good restaurant. With the menu changing every week it is tempting to make it a regular Friday trip… now there’s a thought Mrs C 😀


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