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Of Demons and Dragons: Correfoc

Always the grand finale, the Correfoc was even more eagerly awaited, tonight. For the first time in three years demons and dragons roamed the streets of the old town of Palma, again, marking the end of the Sant Sebastià festivities. And with fireworks and terrifying roar they scared away not only the evil spirits but also the rain clouds that had been hanging over Mallorca for days.

The parade itself, though, is not for the faint of heart. First thing you spot are fire and smoke. Instantly followed by defeaning whistles and the cracking of fireworks. Reflected and thus amplified by the facades along the narrow streets. The fire-breathing dragons are accompanied by a fierce crowd. Devils and demons enjoy giving the audience a good scare. If they come at you, you better take cover.

But if you’re not so easily frightened, you can dare to dance with the wild guys under the spark-spitting fire wheels. To the beat of the drummers who set the rhythm of the Correfoc. On the first day of the two-week celebrations of Palma’s patron saint, the batucadas awakened the Drac de na Coca. And now they propel the dancing dragon with their drums. Creating the heart beat not only of the Drac de na Coca but of the entire fire run.

After this spectacle, the city and the island once again fall into hibernation. Or rather take a break before the next season kicks in. Nature, however, has heard the signals. The many festivities in the dark time of year warm the souls and the bodies of those freezing in the damp cold of Mallorcan winter. But now everyone is happy to see more of the sun with every new day to come. Estilo Palma.

Original article written by Caterina Bury and features on Estilo Palma.

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