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Stars in their eyes

For many people staring up into a nights sky and looking at those shiny twinkling things, searching for the Plough, Great Bear and the Big Dipper can be mind blowing, not to mention neck aching! In many ways they remain an enigma but probably that’s how it should be.

In the culinary world there are other stars, equally fascinating and probably as much of an enigma. They come around once a year, courtesy of the rubber tyre man we all know as Mr Michelin. They represent the highest accolade in the food world. It is quite incredible to think that this little red book, that was created over a 100 years ago to help motorists find hotels and restaurants on their journeys, has now become the benchmark for exceptional dining around the world.

Whilst many chefs will tell you that they never set out to get a Michelin Star, there is of course a great sense of achievement when your efforts and hard graft is recognised. Whether it’s a Bib Gourmand or one, two or three Michelin Stars, you know you are in the company of some of the worlds finest contributors to creativity on a plate.

Here on our small island we have fantastic chefs and their teams who have collectively reinvented the food scene in Mallorca, some with Michelin Stars alongside their names, but all with a passion for putting Mallorca firmly on the food map. This week the chefs and restaurants of Mallorca were recognised once again with every one of the current holders retaining their stars, including the two star Voro and a new one for Fusion 19 in Playa de Muro, making it a magic 10. Mallorca is certainly becoming its own very sparkly constellation in the galaxy of gastronomy.

Congratulations and we look forward to hopefully coming to sample your exceptional talents very soon.


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