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Taking a taco trip!

Prizing my wife away from her desk is no easy task but the lure of an early bit of Christmas shopping in Palma finally did the trick. When you live up in Pollenca it always feels a special treat to be heading to the bright lights of the big city… it’s only just over half an hour away down the motorway but it is a world away with its beautiful stores, stunning architecture and fabulous places to eat. We love our town but it’s good to get that city fix every now and again!

Now, there’s always a trade off for me when it comes to shopping trips with the wife and this time it was a visit to a little taco place that I had read about on Estilo Palma. Although it has been open for a couple of years we had never been… probably because it’s on the ‘other side of Palma’ and not in the Paseo del Borne area, which is where we tend to head for. So trying something different is always good and for me the only way to get through the looming shopping was to indulge my gastronomic needs. So a table for two at L'Informal was the perfect prelude to hours of rail gazing and the constant need to touch tops and jumpers that are innocently hanging on them! As soon as you walk into this cosy place you know it is going to be good, with its bright relaxed atmosphere and the sound of happy people devouring their quesadillas and sipping a margarita. It has that Friday feeling in the air which is just what you need on a Thursday 😄 We kept it simple with the customary guacamole, made very well with just the right amount of onions, followed by quesadilla pibil and a couple of tacos. The Corvina in tempura was beautifully cooked and the crispy Pollo (chicken) had a good kick of chiles in the salsa. I often get accused of table watching, can’t help it, you just need to check you’ve ordered the right dish…we’ve all done it surely! Anyway the plates of food on the other tables also looked absolutely delicious. Mexican food made properly is a beautiful thing. By that I mean there needs be a very good understanding of how to balance the citrus with the spice without overpowering the delicacy of fish or smothering pork with so much hot sauce you loose all taste sensation. The team at L’Informal have managed that with great respect for the dishes we all know and love… but as someone else said the best side dish is a Margarita!


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