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When it's hotter than...

It has been a bit hectic recently with the day job and sadly I haven’t been writing up my highlights…for the avoidance of doubt, I am not talking about things that hide my grey hair but those little experiences we soak up here in Mallorca that we like to share with you.

A fabulous start to the summer and with temperatures soaring there is only one thing you can do and that’s head for the water…or lock yourself away and pump up the air conditioning, but the sea breeze is much better for you and it’s free!

A couple of weeks ago we had a really fabulous Sunday afternoon out on the water with our fun loving friends and their niece who was here on honeymoon. A very happy couple, clearly loving their new married life together and we were delighted to celebrate with them with a few delicious cocktails delivered direct to the boat courtesy of Piri Piri. Now that’s what I would call a stroke of genius…fabulous cocktails made to order and with edible straws so also good for the environment…not so good for the sea legs though!

We do love being out on the water and so a week later we were back at it again. Just a few hours bobbing about by Formentor, enjoying the amazing views all around us. It was a bit windy so the little cocktail boat wasn’t out but we had a nice bottle of Rosat Cava from Mas Xarot recommend by Ivan at the Wine Industry, which was perfect with our leek and broccoli tart (made that morning somehow in 90 degrees!) Carolyn had the best idea and made delicious mozzarella and pesto sandwiches on the boat…let me tell you that was no easy task in that northerly breeze!

After our gourmet lunch we of course did the obligatory blast across the bay towards Bacares. So with Phil at the wheel and clearly reminiscing his Miami Vice days we arrived slightly doused in salty sea spray. Feeling a bit thirsty, we downed a final glass of Cava, and admired the old fisherman houses that sit proudly on the water's edge with the most idyllic view across to La Fortelaza…not a bad spot at all.

As we got back to the marina we moored up and just as we thought our fun was ending, as luck would have it Terraza360 was opening for the evening, our favourite spot for cocktails (if we are not at sea!!). What better way to round the day off, award winning cocktails made by Biel that use as much local produce as possible…some very interesting produce too!

It was one of those special days where you really value what you have and the friendships that make your life….bring on the next trip…good news it’s booked we are off on the beautiful Illa d'Or Llaut…can’t wait for that one.


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