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Delicious Wine from Conde de Suyrot

As the warmer days arrive and you can relax in a lovely shady spot then its time to crack open the Rosado. There are some fantastic summer wines made in Mallorca and the latest one we are absolutely loving is from Conde de Suyrot, a ‘grand little winery’ nestled between the sea and mountains near Colonia de Sant Pere.

They name their wine after animals and the Rosado is Es Cap Roig, perfect name for a wine that is has an elgant orangish colour and lots of personality. It is a glass of pure happiness with its fresh aromas of red fruits that are overlayed with subtle notes of citrus fruits and spices. It is an elegant glass of wine that can be enjoyed with most foods but we love it with our paella marisco!

Find our more at - it’s definitely worth a visit and enjoy the the stunning views whilst tasting all of their six wines.


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