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Wine of the Moment

Last year we made a trip to Son Vich which is in the most stunning location in the heart of the Tramuntana Mountains. The Son Vich de Superna Winery is a family winery which uses traditional production methods.

It was actually our wedding anniversary and we thought it would be a lovely start to the day having a tour around the house and gardens followed by a tasting. Now August in Mallorca can bring the odd shower and on this particular day we had slightly more than a shower, in fact we couldn’t get out of the car it was raining so hard! So out of the window went the walk around the gardens and vines on a beautiful sunny day, but we did manage to finally get out of the car and made a mad dash to try some superb wines…

The wines produced are white, blanc de noir, rosé and barrel aged red, and indigenous grape varieties are grown, such as Prensal, Manto Negro and Gorgollassa, as well as international ones like Viognier, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot.

There was one unexpected wine that stood out for us and that was Marges, which is actually a white wine produced from the Mantonegro grape. The Mantonegro vines are grown in the coldest areas on the dry stone walls of the Superna Valley and are harvested with great care to prevent the skins from breaking and transmitting colour to the wine. The grape is then pressed cold, very fast which means the yield is very low.

I was chatting with Kristy Brooks, a Sommelier from 2Birds Wine Tasting and mentioned this wine. Like me she absolutely loved it and she said she had prepared some tasting notes on it. So rather than me wittering on about how I thought it was one of the best Mallorcan wines I have opened this Summer, I thought we would share her notes.

Do give Son Vich a visit if you can, Paul Faurie runs the commercial side of the winery, great guy and he will make sure you have a great tour.

Website: Son Vich

Tasting by Kristy Brooks 2Birds Wine Tasting

Marges, Blanc de Negre 2021 Son Vich De Superna, VT Mallorca

100% Mantonegro. A white wine made from black grapes with a fermentation technique known as “pie de cuba”, where the must is inoculated with wild yeasts.

Tasting notes: A complex nose of juicy peaches and pears, sugarloaf pineapple, sugar snap peas, mazapán, and slate. On the palate, white peaches and pears (think of a bellini) and a freshness in the sense of cool waterfalls instead of a citrus acidity. Silky, glyceric mouthfeel and a marked minerality. Long, complex with an agreeable almond flower or petit gran bitterness and slight salinity on the finish.

Food Pairing: Would pair incredibly with world renowned, young, creamy Spanish goat cheese called Queso y Besos made with a thin layer of olive seed ash.


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