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Best Mallorcan Wines of 2023

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My personal take on the best Mallorcan wines 2023


Generally, I tend to ignore all the year-end lists and rankings such as ‘best-of’, ‘top five’, or ‘top ten’ that are released just before the New Year. These best-of lists tend to be pretty similar, with only one or two new entries making an appearance. So, after some reflection and a good exercise in memory stretching, I have created my own personal list - "The best taste of Mallorca 2023" (a little late) -1st edition.


The rules are simple. These are the best Mallorcan wines I tried during 2023 based on my personal taste. There are no other rules. I'm sure I've forgotten some wines, and some other wines may deserve to be here, but it's impossible to include every worthy wine.


I have no idea how many wines I've tried, sniffed, and spat in 2023. This year, I plan to get better at documenting what I taste and what I love. Mental note: take more photos.


So, without further ado, here are my top five picks:

Oliver Moragues Gargo


This winery never fails to produce excellent wine. Their standards are incredibly high, and the satisfaction in the glass is guaranteed. Gargo is a 100% Callet, one of the best in Mallorca, no further discussion is required.

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Hada Furthmann Roshada 2022


Accidents happen, and beautiful things can emerge from them. This wine was not meant to be a rosé but it was a happy accident. It was going to be a white wine made out of the rare and newly authorised red grape Escursac. But then this rosé wine came to life instead. This was Hada’s first wine and it left a strong impression on us. We will be watching her career closely.

Roshada 2.png

Can Gelat Callet 2022


Can Gelat is cooking something special. Their vines are among the most beautiful on the island, and their winemaking is a reflection of them. I am not sure how many other wineries blend Callet and Mantonegro, but in the case of Can Gelat, they have done a wonderful job. This wine is elegant, with flowers, fruit, and spices in the nose, and a juicy and silky mouth-feel.


Soca-Rel Mantonegro


Labelling a wine or winemaker as natural is becoming a burden. Making wines with little intervention is no easy matter, but making them as poetically perfect as Pep from Soca-Rel is something only a few can achieve. They are pure, they are fluid, and they are soul-enhancing. You are not only drinking wine, but you are also visiting heaven! ANY of Pep's wines is worth drinking, and if you come across one of the scarce number of bottles produced, just get your hands on it and never let it go.

Soca-Rel mantonegro wine.png
Pep Rodriguez, Soca-rel.jpg

Son Puig Crianza 2004


When you work in the world of wine, curious things tend to materialise. During my frequent visits to Son Puig, we would often walk along a corridor cluttered with dusty old wine bottles. I once joked with Isabel about stealing some of these wines, but instead, she surprised me with an assorted box of old bottles, dated since their first vintage. As soon as we opened this particular bottle, the world stopped and we were transported back to 2004 - the year this exquisite wine was bottled. Aromas of fruit and spices inundated the room! It was pure MAGIC.

Isabel and Her Dad, Raimundo, Son Puig.png
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Written by Iván González Gaínza & Lara Corfield, Wine Industry Mallorca

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