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Food heaven in Selva

A lunch at Miceli in Selva is always a wonderful treat and when you have special friends come to visit it’s top of the list for a memorable lunch. We had booked to come again a couple of months ago when we knew our great friend from the UK was coming to see us. Yet again we were treated to a beautiful dining experience by Marga and her team. It was great to see their happy faces again for the first time, now the masks have finally been removed.

We were taken on a thrilling food journey around the island with the Miceli tasting menu that started with the earthy notes of beetroot and ended on a trip to our Balearic neighbour with an Ibiza inspired dessert. The menu this time included the magnificent Mallorcan Pork Negre, melt in the mouth Soller red prawns, the famed Mallorquin Coca, that was given a luxurious makeover with foigras and delicious local cheese from Pollença and Inca. Each plate brought big smiles and constant oohs and aahhs as each mouthful was slowly consumed whilst taking in the beautiful landscape that stretched out in front of us.

We smiled with every plate of food and with those knowing glances to each other that this was a kitchen team who had expertly treated ingredients with much care and love. Our very special friend sat back in his chair, took a sip of some fabulous wine, and said 'ít makes you happy to be alive’.

Food has the power to transport you to a pure state of happiness and when in Mallorca Marga takes local fresh produce and transcends you to her own corner of food heaven.

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